Listing Submission & Changes

Please use this section for either submitting a previously unlisted Hosting Provider to our database or updating the details of an existing (listed) service. It's very important that you check every associated list on our site before making a new submission as your service may already be included (Check Listings).

IMPORTANT: We're a spare-time project and it may take us a few weeks to clear your entry, thus if you have a new service or package to announce then we'd suggest an additional and separate submission of a press release to our 'Press Contacts' e-mail address as a compliment to your submission.

Listing Submission:

If you wish to have your Hosting Provider added to our listings then please conduct the following steps. NOTE: If you simply wish to update an existing entry then send a normal e-mail to the address below with the appropriate correction, the rest is not required.

1) Select the 'Press Contacts' address from our 'Contacts' page to start the E-Mail process.

2) In the Subject box type 'LIST: hostname' (hostname = your Hosting Providers name).

3) Then in the message portion you need to add the following details, with the least possible rambling as it makes things quicker.
  • Host Name:
  • Host URL:
  • Shared Hosting: (Yes/No)
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting: (Yes/No)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: (Yes/No)
  • Suppliers:
NOTE: We may not list Host's that fail to publish a legally required postal address and phone number on their website, look incredibly amateurish and or don't reveal their Terms & Conditions BEFORE signup.

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